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Osaic Transition and Market Outlook

Osaic Transition and Market Outlook

April 24, 2024

Letter addressed to clients:


Securities America to Osaic

Firstly, Securities America, which is the brokerage firm we use to support our business operations, due diligence, and compliance adherence, has chosen to rebrand under a new name, Osaic.   We expect this change to have minimal if any impact on you, but nonetheless, we wanted you to be informed.  Over the coming months, you may notice some changes like the appearance of Osaic in place of Securities America on statements, our websites, and systems. Osaic will also provide you with an official notification of the upcoming transition which is expected to go out in the mail at the beginning of May, but there’s no action required from you as a result of the notification.

The service you receive from our office will remain the same along with our dedication and commitment to you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Market/Economic Update

As usual, there is much going on in the markets and economy Below are our thoughts on a few of the key items that are having an impact:


  • The Fed & Inflation:  The market is paying very close attention to any data that may suggest that inflation is going down or up.  The market reacts positively when data indicates a decrease in inflation, as it suggests that the Federal Reserve may reduce rates, thereby fueling the economy further.  The idea of rates cuts has been behind much of the rise in the market as we closed out 2023 and began 2024.  Recently we have seen the numbers suggesting the drop in inflation may have stalled.  Comments from members of the Federal reserve have also suggested that rates cuts may be further out than originally projected.  Both of these items have caused greater volatility and a drop in the market in recent weeks.  One of the reasons behind the fed commentary is perhaps a “higher for longer” scenario centers around the fact that the economic data, such as unemployment and corporate earnings, have been quite positive.  Items that typically are desirable for stock market performance. So, we find ourselves with a market hoping for a Goldilocks scenario of a strong economy but not so strong that it doesn’t get another “sugar hit” from the fed cutting rates.  We anticipate this balancing act to continue to play out throughout the year and will be something we are watching closely.

  • Geopolitics: On the geopolitical front, tensions between Israel and Iran have escalated, leading to retaliatory actions. These developments could potentially impact oil prices, thereby influencing our domestic oil and utility costs. This is a crucial factor we are monitoring, as it could further fuel inflationary pressures.
  • Presidential Elections: With the upcoming presidential elections, we anticipate short-term volatility in the markets. Historical data suggests that the average rate of return of the stock market during a presidential election year has been a positive 8% or higher, irrespective of the government’s political alignment. This is not to say that the markets WILL be positive. It just has been positive more often than not in an election year.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to be a significant driver of growth.  We expect this trend to persist, potentially providing tailwinds for growth beyond just the “Magnificent 7” from last year as it may lead to greater productivity and profitability.

As always, our recommendation is to continue investing according to your personal financial and investment goals. It’s important to remember that markets can be volatile and bumpy along the way. However, we believe that staying on the course and maintaining a long-term perspective is key to achieving financial success. We are happy to discuss any concerns or questions you have about your portfolio.


We are grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us as your financial advisors. If you have acquaintances or loved ones who are seeking guidance on their own investments, financial planning, or retirement planning, we would love to be a resource and extend our expertise to them.