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To spend vs invest...that is the question!

To spend vs invest...that is the question!

March 09, 2021
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When I get into conversations with people who are thinking about investing but haven’t quite made the commitment, I find that the most common reason they give for waiting is that they don’t have the money to get started. That’s a totally valid reason! But I’ve found that time and again when I ask these same people if they’ve tried “finding the money,” they look very confused. What does it mean to “find the money?”

As a consumer, you have choices daily on how you want to spend your money. Whether it’s organic vs non, leaving the lights on vs not or even buying an BMW vs a Honda, these choices present opportunities to find money to invest or to simply spend it. To analyze this more closely, check out this article Should You Invest It or Spend It? on It explains these choices and the true cost of spending over time perfectly.

If you’ve been unable to invest because you don’t have the cash, consider making small tweaks to what you’re spending. You could likely free up enough to start investing pretty quickly!